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After 2019, we invited clients and others to post their reviews of our service directly onto Facebook and Google.   Thank you all for your support!

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"The Kelleway team has been fantastic in helping us find a lender in our unique situation. We will definitely use them again as well as recommend to family and friends."
Beni, (Google 5-star review) Maple Ridge, BC April 2019

"Yes, I would like to recommend Kelleway mortgage. I used them first time. They reviewed my financial situation in details and advised me the best options. They helped me in every step and provide advice when I need. I used other mortgage in the past and found Kelleway Mortgage much better."
Arshad (facebook), Surrey, BC 2019

"I've been a client for many years! Absolutely the best service hands down!!"
Roxane (facebook), Stony Plain, AB 2019

"Glen is extremely knowledgeable about the various mortgage types and in this case probably actually knew more than the financial institution offering to fund the mortgage :-) And he came to us to get the papers signed, which was an amazing thing considering where he's based!"
Jim and Winona, New Westminster, BC 2018

"You were able to get funding especially in today's market (B20) it is quite challenging."
Mitchell and Joyce, Vancouver, BC 2018

"[What did you like the MOST about our service?] More helpful than I deserved."
Jason, Terrace, BC 2018

"[What did you like the MOST about our service?] Always patient with me."
Pat and Darrel, Sturgeon County, AB 2018

"[What did you like the MOST about our service?] Extremely responsive. Explored all options. Good service. No concerns."
Terry, Delta, BC 2018

"Woo Hoooo! This is a great day ... we're broke !!! YIPPEE !!! Our new home wouldn't have happened without the diligence, kindness and attention you all brought to this project (and indeed, a PROJECT it was!). We are blessed to have had the good fortune to have been looked after by such a great team."
Paul & Mary, Crawford, BC 2018

"Kelleway Mortgage Architects team is the most effective team you can hire to accompany you in the purchase of your house. My husband and I used their service several times. Each time, they give us service that goes beyond their task. We will certainly continue to use the Kelleway team because of their professionalism and the quality of their service. Glen is an excellent broker. I strongly recommend him. Thanks to the team!"
Madeleine & Yvetaud, Okotoks, AB 2018

"Easy to talk to and it's all taken care of and I don't worry about it"
Kylie, Leduc, AB, 2018

"I believe Glen worked hard to get me the best rate he could."
Sydney, Duncan, BC 2018

"I like everything that they provide to us. From the start and to the end of our journey, excellent service to the whole Kelleway group!"
Brenda & Ben, Maple Ridge, BC 2017

"I highly recommend them. I've been with them for years dealing with both Glen and Serena. This time Serena helped me arrange a complex mortgage involving a bridge loan and porting of the old mortgage. What especially impressed me was how she helped me resolve issues with the branch after the mortgage documents were signed and completed. The bank backed off on their promises and Serena helped contact the bank representative in order to resolve [the] issue. The issue took almost 3 months to resolve but Serena played an essential role to getting my mortgage fixed! Great job!"
Vi, Richmond, BC 2017

"Great service, super knowledge and wonderful people!"
Naomi, Coquitlam, BC 2017

"The hands on personal and friendly contact with all of the people involved. It genuinely seemed like everyone wanted to make sure everything went smoothly"
Satisfied Client, BC August 2017

"Since we moved from the US to Canada the Mortgage was complicated, but everyone worked together to get this done very timely"
Ruth & Thomas, Duncan, BC 2017

"[What did you like the MOST about our service?] You got to know me as an individual and made the effort to have a personal conversation."
Matt, Edmonton, AB June 2017

"[What did you like the MOST about our service?] Great service; friendly, caring staff."
Iwona, Port Moody, BC 2017

"[What did you like the MOST about our service?] Advice on type of loan/Mortgage."
Roger & Cathy, Barriere, BC 2017

"[What did you like the MOST about our service?] The evening over the phone / computer meetings are excellent as we have young children at home."
Laura & Tyler, Abbotsford, BC 2016

"I would rather run into a burning building than arrange my own mortgage! If you want excellent service and a great deal on your mortgage, call Glen Kelleway at Kelleway Mortgage Architects."
Derek (Surrey firefighter), Lantzville, BC 2016

"The portal program used was very useful in fast delivery of documents."
Daniel & Leslie, Victoria, BC 2016

"[What did you like the MOST about our service?] Attentiveness and thoroughness in responses"
Linda, Vancouver, BC 2016

"It's great that whenever you need to speak to someone, Glen or Serena will respond very quickly and always know the answers."
Chris & Rachel, Maple Ridge, BC 2016

"[What did you like the MOST about our service?] Friendly, knowledgeable, get the job done awesome service"
Stuart, Penticton, BC 2016

"Both Glen and Serena were extremely approachable and organized. They both made the process very easy."
Katherine, Vancouver, BC 2016

"Quick responses to my questions. Kept me informed through the whole process."
Richard, Winnipeg, MB 2016

"Thank you so much for all your help during our house purchase in Nanaimo. Rafal and I are very grateful for all the advice & support you provided."
Gosia & Rafal, Nanaimo, BC 2015

"Always responded very quickly to my emails and the questions I had"
Sheliela, Edmonton, AB 2015

"Prompt service and knowledgeable advice"
Robert & Anne, Coquitlam, BC 2015

"Serena was amazing to deal with. She always came back with answers immediately via email and would keep me on track with everything I was required to do."
Nick & Renee, Calgary, AB 2015

"Information was excellent and replies to questions [were] very prompt, Service is excellent."
Stephen and Darlene, Wainwright, AB 2015

"[What did you like MOST about our service?] Easy"
Vipin, Delta, BC 2015

"You were very helpful and very quick at responding to inquiries."
Robert & Remedios, Wainwright, AB 2015

"We will never go back to a bank for financing a 10 minute bank appointment doesn’t cut it, Glen is the best!"
Sandra, Wainwright, AB, 2015

"It's always easy to contact you guys; if you don't know the answer then you're quick to find the information."
Karen & Tom, Wainwright, AB, 2014

"[What did you like MOST about our service?] The ability to work around my schedule especially being an out of town worker."
Steven, Edmonton, AB 2014

"[What did you like MOST about our service?] The regular updates we received from your staff in regards to our new mortgage and what to expect"
Travis & Carolyn, Maple Ridge, BC 2014

"Due to a life event, I needed to reorganize my mortgage financing. The building lien was an obstacle that Glen and his team helped me overcome. And, I am really happy with the result! If you need excellent mortgage advice and service, I highly recommend Kelleway Mortgage Architects. - A Boundaryview Resident, Burnaby, BC 2014"
A Boundaryview Resident, Burnaby, BC 2014

"Serena, you are so good at what you do, I smile every time I see your email address. We were rookies with real estate and needed guidance on how to handle relocation through Brookfield. Glen and you took us through that step-by-step and were amazing! We are so happy that you arranged the mortgage for our new home!"
S&H, , Wainwright, AB 2014

"I was impressed with the care that Glen and Serena showed in arranging my mortgage. Glen worked out some options that I don't think I would have known about if I had just gone to my bank branch. I would refer their services to others in a heartbeat."
S, an Alberta Homeowner 2014

"The Kelleway Mortgage Architects team is professional, knowledgeable and very easy to deal with."
Agata & Tim, Mission, BC 2014

"Team was very communicative and knew their products and procedures well. Everything from their end was explained well and in detail. Great follow up."
Colin & Linda, Cold Lake, AB 2014

"[What did you like the MOST about our service?] Personal contact."
Sharon, Wainwright, AB 2014

"You guys have certainly been excellent through this process...I initially was not huge on using a mortgage broker as I am loyal to my ATB and they have been very good to me over the years, but they lost a mortgage on this one. I certainly have found value in your services throughout this process, you definitely kept the bus moving forward at all times. I would certainly recommend your services to others, especially 1st time home buyers or people who are not very knowledgeable with the home buying process. And it costs the clients nothing as the lenders pay you guys!! I do realize that our situation and a number of things held us up on this purchase. It was a different situation with us buying off my parents, my being employed by (relations), (spouse) on maternity leave, and it being such a unique property for appraisers to put a value on."
C. & S., Wainwright, AB 2014

"Always kept up to date and Glen and Serena are very thorough."
Joe & Corrie-Ann, Wainwright, AB 2014

"Polite and quick."
Adam, Maple Ridge, BC 2014

"Thank you for the best ever service and hard work Kelleway Mortgage Architects did for me. This year was my 10th year anniversary as a homeowner thanks to you Glen !!!! Time to buy another one-don't you think ? Cheers Y'all."
Robyn, Surrey, BC 2014

"I liked the quick email responses and how you all went above and beyond what was required."
Randy, Whitecourt, AB 2014

"Thank-you for such a complete and comprehensive set of mortgage instructions, it makes our job alot easier!"
John Kenney, Law Office, Whitecourt AB

"Quick responses; very pleasant to talk to; make you feel they are as concerned about a small mortgage as a large one"
Bonnie & Guy, Wainwright, AB 2014

"Omg!! Like it???....I frigging LOVE IT!! I wish all my brokers are like you!! I forgot to thank you for that! THANK YOU!! (comment was in response to Serena's question: ...hopefully you liked the Downpayment statements I had sent you.... I spent almost 2 hours sorting through each one to track & mark the money going from each account :)"
Senior Mortgage Underwriter from one of our preferred lending partners, ON 2014

"Glen and Serena were always available and willing to answer any questions I had. They returned my emails very promptly. I was walked through all stages with care and I always felt that I was important to them."
Frank, Surrey, BC 2014

"Friendly staff. Very efficient and very prompt. Serena was awesome."
Daniel & Leslie, Victoria, BC 2014

"Merix Financial and the team at Kelleway Mortgage Architects have a long history of working together and we truly value their partnership. Glen is a true mortgage professional with years of experience, knowledge and service under his belt. Kelleway Mortgage Architects and Merix Financial both focus on customer service and satisfaction and that’s what makes our partnership strong."
Andrew Howard, Account Manager for Merix Financial, Vancouver, BC 2014

"The sustainability of the mortgage industry is dependent on borrowers access to choice, advice, service and savings. Kelleway Mortgage Architects goes above and beyond to ensure that their clients receive outstanding service in all of these areas. This not only creates long term relationships with their clients, but also with their lenders, MCAP Service Corporation being one of those lender partners. Thank you for the ongoing support Kelleway team!"
Tara Fels, Business Development Manager, MCAP, Vancouver, BC 2014

"We have had a wonderful working relationship with Kelleway Mortgage Architects and its employees. We look forward to continuing to grow our relationship through our commitment to delivering exceptional customer service and tailor made solutions to our clients."
Avi Kay, Branch Manager, Envision Financial, Maple Ridge, BC 2014

"Kelleway Mortgage Architects have been a preferred mortgage broker with Street Capital for a long time, helping to take care of home buyers and owners across the Lower Mainland. We trust that any customer who chooses to work with them are in safe hands and will surely receive top quality knowledge and care from start to finish and beyond."
Shayn Yoe, RVP Tri-Cities, Street Capital Financial Corporation, Vancouver, BC 2014

"Questions were answered quickly, there was no wasting time. Glen and Serena were very friendly and patient and made the process very easy."
Frank & Marietta, Wainwright, AB, 2013

"I truly appreciated Glen and Serena's thorough evaluation of our mortgage financing needs and the solution they provided. This was our first time obtaining mortgage financing on an investment property on a pre-existing home and Glen and Serena were very helpful and proactive not only with the mortgage financing but also with matters related to the closing. I am very satisfied with the financing we obtained and the service provided. Thank you!"
Chris & Trixie, Port Moody, BC 2013

"[What did you like the MOST about our service?] The friendly nature of everyone there and the ease of the process."
Rich & Amanda, Maple Ridge, BC 2013

"[What did you like MOST about our service?] quick and helpful answers"
Sharon, Wainwright, AB, 2013

"Very fast, informative and kind responses. Could not have asked for more. Truly went above and beyond."
Nick, Burnaby, BC, 2013

"[What did you like MOST about our service?] House call….[by Glen Kelleway]"
Rose, Burnaby, BC, 2013

"Patiently and thoroughly answered the questions that I had about the various mortgages available to me and helped me make an informed decision."
Gabriel, Vancouver, BC, 2013

"[What did you like MOST about our service?] Glen and staff."
Erin & Steven, Wainwright, AB, 2013

"[What did you like MOST about our service?] The attention to detail and the team's quick response time were great. Always kept us in the loop and communicated effectively...really listened to our needs."
Aimee & Matt, Vancouver, BC 2013

"Glen and Serena really went the proverbial 'extra mile' for us, while making it seem so easy and staying so friendly."
Darren & Tran, Vancouver, BC, 2013

"Answered all my questions and was very helpful with everything."
David, Wainwright, AB, 2013

"You have found the solution where others couldn't."
Stan & Elena, Coquitlam, BC, 2013

"Glen and Serena were always very prompt replying to any queries and also keeping me posted through the mortgage funding process."
Chris & Trixie, Vancouver, BC, 2013

"[What did you like the MOST about our service?] Knowledgeable."
Ted & Beth, Maple Ridge, BC 2012

"This is my third time dealing with Glen and the service and rates are tops in the industry. Thanks Glen"
Karl, Kelowna, BC 2012

"[What did you like the MOST about our service?] The personal service we got and the efficiency"
Sandra, Wainwright, AB, 2012

"Good interest rate and quick [What did you like most about our service?] Great Communication"
Dallas, Airdrie, AB, 2012

"[What did you like most about our service?] Getting questions answered."
Pam, New Westminster, BC 2012

"Good personal service. Understands client's needs...ultimately [to] pay down my mortgage faster."
Gabriel, Vancouver, BC, 2012

"[What did you like most about our service?] ....meeting with Glen in person"
Marina & Eamonn, Vancouver, BC, 2012

Tim, Legal, AB, 2011

"Knowledgeable, receptive and responsive to our needs. We told Glen what we wanted and he got us a better rate than either of us thought possible."
Kevin & Kaile, Abbotsford, BC, 2011

"The service provided was done in a polite and timely fashion."
Daniel, Hughenden, AB, 2011

"...better rate and no fee tried your very best in arranging the refinancing for me."
Winnie, Vancouver, BC, 2011

"The fact that no matter how many questions I had the team was more then helpful and quick with responding. They also got me the rate I wanted which nobody else could do...."
Nicole, Fabyan, AB, 2011

"Very quick responses. Really took the time to make sure we were in the loop, and answer all of our questions."
Andy & CaSandra, Vancouver, BC, 2011

"Glen very knowledgeable about mortgaging financing overall and great customer service."
Linda & Ron, Burnaby, BC, 2011

"The entire staff was so willing to take the time to listen and answer every question I had about our mortgage."
Dan & Leanne, New Westminster, BC, 2011

"Getting great rates and very helpful."
Nick & Renee, Wainwright, AB, 2011

"Glen found the best possible mortgage for our needs. [What did you like most?] The amount of support that Glen has in Heather and Sabriena. No matter what I called about or who I talked to out of the three of them, they always had an answer to me in a timely manner."
James, Wainwright, AB, 2011

"Pleasure to work with, very friendly and knowledgeable.---great overall experience"
Devesh, Vancouver, BC, 2011

"Professional, responsive and take time to ensure we understand what is going on and future impact"
Perminder & Karmjit, Coquitlam, BC, 2011

"Very knowledgeable and expert advice."
Tony & Elena, Vancouver, BC, 2010

"Around the clock service, the ease of the process, Glen and all the staff's service skills!"
Shane, Wainwright, AB, 2010

"The response time was great! You explained the different products and walked us through a number of different options. In the end we received a great rate with a line of credit that was 2% less then what the bank was offering us."
Dave & Sharon, Coquitlam, BC, 2010

"Glen was able to organize a complicated case with new credit and previous work experience outside of Canada. Other brokers said it was not possible, Glen said it was from the beginning and followed through!"
Doug, Vernon, BC, 2010

"I like working with Glen and his team. He has always been there any time I've asked questions about my mortgage during and after the mortgage process."
Dan, Sorrento, BC, 2010

"Glen and his staff provided fast, friendly service, and helpful advice for us to make the appropriate decisions for our mortgage needs. The webcam function made our experience more personal."
Chelsey & Kevin, Langley, BC, 2010

"I liked the fact that your team never made me feel stupid even when I had nit-picky questions. I had never taken out a mortgage and did not know how it worked and your team was great in explaining to me the process and if they didn't have the answer right away then they found out and were prompt in getting back to me. Glen really worked hard with the bank getting them to put the mortgage through. I was very satisfied with your service. I am a detail oriented person and found your company to be the same as me."
Jayne, Port Coquitlam, BC, 2010

"That I didn't have to leave my home to get it done. That you're very technically savvy. That you got me the best [fixed] rate ever, 3.79% !!!!!!"
Robyn, White Rock, BC, 2010

"Glen was very quick to respond to all of my questions."
C & M, Vancouver, BC, 2010

"Your ability to get the job done, and willingness to do the extra work with a difficult credit situation."
A & W, Edmonton, AB, 2010

"I appreciated Glen's explanations of the terms and nuances concerning the mortgaging contracts."
Linda, Cranbrook, AB, 2010

"I found this company to be very knowledgeable, very efficient, very thorough and completed my application very quickly. My phone calls were always answered promptly. I would have never been able to accomplish this by myself. Super friendly and very hard working staff!"
Joyce, Wainwright, AB, 2010

"After just completing the co-brokering of a mortgage file with you, I am still in awe at the amazing job you did. I have never seen a broker go to the work you did, including supplying the lawyer with everything they normally obtain to do the job as a rush, at month end. You worked with us from 8 am until 11 pm to get the job done, and without your hard work and dedication this complicated file covering 4 different strata properties would never have been completed in less than 3 days."
Cathy Swallow, AMP, White Rock, BC 2010 (Consumer Choice Mortgages, Inc.)

"[What did you like the MOST about our service?] service"
Wesley, Richmond, BC, 2010

"As you are aware, my wife & I completed the signing of our mortgage renewal mission this past Wednesday at the lawyer's office according to schedule. Taking this opportunity, both of us wish to express our sincere and heart-felt gratitude to you and your team for the efforts and attention rendered us during the process. We just got in before the bell owing to your careful guidance. Thank you! Please do also extend my regards to Sabriena for a job well done. Now we can rest easy with peace of mind not having to be constantly watching over rising rates."
C & A, Burnaby, BC, 2010

"I've dealt with Glen in the past and trust that he has found the best mortgage product for me. Glen and his staff were always available, including after hours to answer any questions or problems I might have had. Not only were they professional but personal as well. Such an awesome team!!!! There's not a single thing I could complain about."
Mike, Langley, BC, 2010

"The service was better than if we had to meet in person. Glen uses some very innovative tools to get the job done remotely."
Andrew, New Westminster, BC, 2009

"Friendly, and very convenient"
Leanne and Keith, Bonnyville, AB, 2009

"Finding A Mortgage Broker who understands the principal [making mortgage interest tax deductible] is Tough. Glen Kelleway at (604) 476-0053 does understand how to make the interest deductible. When I was turned down by Manulife in 2005, Glen got my mortgage for me."
David Ingram, North Vancouver, BC, 2009

"very patient with explanations [I was a first-time buyer and very unfamiliar with mortgages]"
Jennifer, Vancouver, BC, 2009

"would always get back to me promptly, good advice and friendly telephone manner"
Zen, Chilliwack, BC, 2009

"Glen was knowledgeable about the financing market and the automated tools he used to communicate, capture and adjudicate the application [-making] the process quick and accurate."
Tom, Burnaby, BC, 2009

"[What we liked most about KMA service]…Glen’s sense of humour."
Guy & Bonnie, Wainwright, AB, 2009

"Glen and the team were able to assemble the information on a complex application and a quickly closing deal (less than 30 days from date of offer to move in date), package it in a way that the underwriters would approve it, and kept me informed throughout the process. Few lenders would look at my application and Glen and his crew sourced the right deal for me allowing me to move forward on a purchase."
S., Port Moody, BC, 2009

"Easy to talk to and willing to answer any questions that you may have."
Jason, Edmonton, AB, 2009

"Glen kept us well informed throughout the process which was very much appreciated."
Robert & Anne, Coquitlam, BC, 2009

"I truly liked Glen's commitment and knowledgeable resources. Whether it was finding a qualified competitive lender for me or answering my questions on a wide range of rental property scenarios. Ultimately I feel I have gotten the best interest rates available for both mortgages and have achieved my goal of owning a second property for renting out. Thanks to the help of Glen and his team!"
Jeremy, Gibbons, AB, 2009

"The fact that everything was explained and reasons given for each request. I knew where I stood at all times."
Halina, Gibbons, AB, 2008

"I liked the fact that Glen took the time to explore options, and did not try to rush us."
John, Maple Ridge, BC, 2008

"Quick to respond and available to help with queries"
Sinead, Kimberley, BC, 2008

"We went for a mortgage that was over our buying power and got turned down over and over. We finally contacted Glen and he made it happen. We now have our dream home!"
Stacie, Alberta, 2008

"Glen and the team were very personable, easy to talk with and empathetic toward our needs!"
Vonda & Jeffrey, Bonnyville, AB, 2008

"I liked the fact that Glen, Anton and Kyle no matter how weird my question was they answered it the best they knew how and really talked to me like I knew them for years. Glen and his team worked really hard on our mortgage and without them we wouldn't be in our first home today. Thank you Glen, Anton and Kyle"
Cara and Dave, Gibbons, AB, 2008

"Always willing to help and responses to questions come very quickly and politely"
Nicholas, Burnaby, BC, 2008

"Good service from start to finish. Excellent communication and turn-around time with messages and the actual approval of the mortgage"
Grace, Vancouver, BC, 2008

"Glen was able to make the process as pain free as possible considering I had a challenging case."
Star, Burnaby, BC, 2008

"Glen, To the guy that I have 'never met', but feel that I know well...and've helped more than I can say! Thank you bunches!"
Allen, Delta, BC, 2008

"I have never purchased a home before. Glen and his team made me feel very comfortable with their additional support and education. I will definitely be recommending Kelleway Mortgage Architects!"
Tracy, Calgary, AB, 2008

"It was an easy process and all my questions were answered by email in a timely fashion."
Wendy, Calgary, AB, 2008

"We really liked the fact of how fast everything was done. Whenever we had a question or a need it was put right to the top of your priority list!! You truly worked a miracle for us and we feel extremely blessed to have gotten this mortgage through you!!"
Denise and Gary, Chilliwack, BC, 2007

"Willing to explain, can-do attitude as opposed to yet another bothersome question. Not afraid to say I don't know, will find out."
Perminder, Coquitlam, BC, 2007

"Someone would answer all my questions and soothe my worries."
Linda, Cranbrook, BC, 2007

"The time you took and how hard you worked on our mortgage. We were ready to give up and I told Glen we were done but he said just give me till tomorrow and sure enough he got us a mortgage. We are so glad he kept pushing."
Dennis, Westlock, BC, 2007

"We liked it that you always were there to answer our questions no matter how many times we called in one day. We also liked the chocolates! Yum."
Mark and Erin, Ladner, BC, 2007

"Glen or an associate always took the time to call me back and have a real conversation with me."
Niki, Gibbons, AB, 2007

Rafael & Ivette, Port Coquitlam, BC, 2007

"Available 7 days a week extended hours and quality data that most lenders did not share nor understand."
Dennis, Calgary, AB, 2007

"Glen and team were very patient and attentive with us. We're new home buyers and really needed the help and explanations that they provided."
Abby, Richmond, BC, 2007

"Best possible mortgage rates considering our available resources."
Ernesto & Estrella, Delta, BC, 2007

"I liked how easy it was for me to communicate with Glen using email or other programs he had to facilitate the mortgage application. I would say that his information gathering and dissemination from or to me was very impressive."
Gwenda, Ottawa, ON, 2007

"Glen and Anton were very helpful and responded to our questions quickly and accurately."
Ramon & Amy, North Vancouver, BC, 2007

"I would sincerely like to thank you for all you've done for me and my family, we're so happy and thrilled to be in our new home thanks to you. You and your team have exceeded all my expectations and more and I cannot possibly thank you enough."
Kathy, Coquitlam, BC, 2007

"Thank you very much for helping us land this place. Glen, after two years I'm sure you're glad to file me away in the completed area. Watch out for Rory as he will no doubt be calling you soon enough [for a mortgage]. If you’re ever in our "hood" do drop by."
Derek & Toby, Vancouver, BC, 2007

"[Anton] Once again I want to express my gratitude for all your help and please extend it to Glen."
Mauricio, Vancouver, BC, 2007

"Accessibility, always available to answer (even silly) questions."
Jennifer, Port Coquitlam, BC, 2007

"The speed, honesty and just plain competency of everyone involved. Not to mention the best service and results from a mtge brokerage firm hands down in last several years!"
Glenn, Gibsons, BC, 2007

"All staff were very friendly, knowledgeable and could answer my questions."
Bob, Burnaby, BC, 2007

"Personable attitude and great service."
Ruby, Maple Ridge, BC, 2007

"Honesty and provided correct information Very prompt service Worked hard."
Wesley, Richmond, BC, 2007

"Personal service, always got through to Glen not just always the assistants-they were very helpful and friendly also. Loved the mailout you sent as your introduction and this on-line survey is great. A pleasure working with you, look forward to meeting you all in person."
Dawn, Maple Ridge, BC, 2007

"Extremely prompt and efficient contact throughout the entire process. I always knew what was going on - even with my crazy work schedule."
Darcy, Vernon, BC, 2007

"Without a doubt, the staff, Glen and Charlene, you've been wonderfully personable, helping to make the fears and pressures of significant decisions less overwhelming. Also, we really appreciated your availability, and quick turn around time returning calls. Thanks so much."
Jon, Richmond, BC, 2005

"Both Ken and I want to thank you for the wonderful job you did for us. You put in a lot of time and effort on our behalf, and we appreciate your time and dedication. We're so happy with the end result, and we know it wouldn't have happened if it weren't for you. So, from Ken and myself, a very heart-felt Thank You!"
Ken and Jeanine, Maple Ridge, BC, 2005

"I have to say thank-you soooooo much for all of your help through this process it was very emotional, although the rewards are now paying off. You {all} have assisted in creating the reality from a dream. You guys are great and I received your card and scratch-and-win. I did not win but will be sure to [throw] some service back your way if any opportunities present themselves!"
Tami, Kimberley, BC, 2005

"Glen, [I let my] colleagues in the office... know that you are absolutely the best. One colleague took your name to share with a family member who is considering a fist home purchase in the Vancouver area. I just completed the survey and assume you will read my response, but will repeat here that you made obtaining a mortgage so easy for me. Going through this process in a new country was intimidating for me; however, you patiently outlined all the information I needed to know and were right on target with the information provided. A colleague that was purchasing for the first time Canada at the time I was working with you was not as fortunate and encountered many surprises. Her stories made me appreciate the exemplary service you provided all the more. I enjoy helping others and recommending you is one of the nicest things I could do for someone looking to purchase a home. Thank you again for making the purchase of a home easy and successful."
Nancy, Vancouver, BC, 2005

"A sincere thank you to your team and yourself for your recent work in arranging mortgage financing on my behalf. You have taken the time to fully understand my somewhat unusual needs and tackled the process one logical step at a time. Your team and your continuous updates as we worked through the process made for a smooth, timely closing. The overall package you arranged is at an excellent rate, with great terms and - most importantly, it works! Thank you again for the efforts you have expended on my behalf. I recommend your services highly and look forward to working with you again in the future."
Bram, Surrey, BC, 2005

"Thanks so much for all your help with our "tricky" mortgage. You went above and beyond the call of duty. Here's a little something to keep you warm and we'll be sure to call again."
Lars and Maria, Los Angeles, CA, USA, 2005

"Thanks Glen. And I can't thank you ever......for making me the happiest person on be in this new home of my own.......and NOT be having to pay the $1800/M I would have been, if I had proceeded with Accredited. So, thanks for all your "very thorough" hard work and effort."
Robyn, White Rock, BC, 2004

"How is the Vancouver Compadre? I just want to say thank you for all your hard work and dedication to make this possible for me. You probably already realize this, but this is the biggest transaction ever for me and decided upon in a short period of time while I am in a huge transition. It is a big deal for me that would probably have been a lot more stressful without the professional help and counseling from you. I thanked Charles for recommending you to me, and I will pass on the flame to any lost souls out there. If you ever find yourself in this area, please allow me to meet/shake your hand, and tip a mug or two. Many thanks, from a happy homeowner."
Saad, Hendersonville, TN, USA, 2004

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